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News And Announcements

Problem with support May 12, 2014

If you sent me a message and I did not reply within 24 hours. Please send again to monerymouse2@gmail.com

Please Read The Terms May 05, 2014

Please read the terms before you request a payout!

Please Add Credits to your Ads by the end of each month! Apr 23, 2014

At the end of each month I will be deleting any ads and banners with no credits. This is done to keep the site running smoothly. Thanks

Membership Changes! Apr 10, 2014

I just made a few changes to the memberships. I think you will like it :)

Ad Value Increase! Apr 08, 2014

I am deleting all ads with no credits. When new ads are added the value will be higher, starting at 0.001. Now would be a great time to buy credits and place your ads. I will not approve ads with zero credits, please add credits!

Lets Get More Bonus Ads Jan 27, 2014

Hi and welcome to Rose Garden GPT I know we all love to see Bonus Ads, so for every Paid Membership that is sold we will add a Bonus Ad with limited credits. Keep an eye out for New Ad Notifications in your email!


V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer - Wax cartridge

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